Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding out that you have cancer…

It’s not a pleasant thought, I know, but it is how my story begins.

But before I share my story with you, let me ask you a quick question.

Are you happy?

I mean, are you…

  • Truly fulfilled
  • Living with a purpose
  • Waking up full of energy and excited about life every day?

Are you waking up in the morning and saying things like, “My life is amazing and it couldn’t get any better,” and “This is exactly what I dreamed my ideal life would be like when I grew up.”

Or are you thinking thoughts such as, “Is this really as good as life gets… there has to be more than this, right?”

It’s ok if you feel like there is room for improvement.

Heck, it’s even ok if you feel like there is a void in your life or if “something is missing.”

Truth is, most of us do.

I certainly wasn’t waking up excited and ready to face the day for many years.

Instead, I felt like I was just going through the motions… many days simply sleepwalking through life, similar to Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day.

I put on a big smile and pretended to be happy, but I certainly wasn’t you would call fulfilled.

But then one day, right in the middle of work I found out I had cancer.

I was 28 years old, single, and scared.

You know, it’s kind of sad that it takes something like cancer, a death in the family, a heart attack, a near-death experience, or some other tragedy to awaken you and force you into seeking change.

But that is exactly what it did to me, and quite frankly, I’m now incredibly grateful that God blessed me with cancer.

It slowed me down to appreciate the present, it made me focus on what is really important in life, and it made me seriously question if I was living the life I was supposed to be living.

While waiting to find out the results to my cancer surgery, I started asking myself questions such as…

  • “If I died this year, would I have any regrets?”
  • “If I died this year, what would my friends and family say about me at my funeral?”
  • “If I died this year, how many people would say that I made a difference in their life, and how many people would say I loved them unconditionally?”

Cancer also gave me the courage to finally break out of my comfort zone in life.

You see, within that year of finding out I had cancer, I had made a commitment to quit my job and explore new opportunities (even though I was making six-figures and had a job that many would love to have), I made a commitment to live life to the fullest, and I promised myself that I would start reading more and become a lifelong learner.

Before too long, I had quit my six-figure job to go out on my own, I married the girl of my dreams, started a family, and for the first time in my life I began to pick up books instead of turning on the TV at night.

I felt like I was making some amazing strides in life.

I was debt free, I was married to an eye surgeon, I had a beautiful daughter, I was able to work from home, we had nice cars, and I had cash in my bank account.

From the outside looking in, our family looked like the America Dream.

But there was still one big problem

I still didn’t feel happy and fulfilled.

I wasn’t living life with a purpose (except to make money), I was dealing with some serious anxiety issues, and I still felt like there was more to life than what I was getting out of it.

Ever felt like that?

Either way, I can imagine you are wondering what I did next.

I started reading and researching happiness even more.

And I’m not talking about just reading casually, I made a commitment to read at least one new personal development book every week.

In particular, I started reading self-help books, autobiographies of people I admired, and business books that caught my attention.

Anything that I thought could improve my life, I wanted to read it and learn from it.


Two reasons.

  1. Some of my biggest breakthroughs in the past had been from reading books, and I knew that if I continued to keep expanding my mind, only good things could come of it
  2. I wasn’t happy deep down, so I made a promise to myself to keep reading self-help books, taking courses, and getting in high-level mastermind groups with successful people until I figured out how to live a more fulfilled life.

What I discovered after absorbing everything was pretty wild.

After a few years of steadily reading of books, newsletters, blogs, and listening to podcasts, I realized that all of these self-help books had the same underlying theme at their root.

It was seeking happiness.

Regardless if it was a book on happiness, a book on how to be a better spouse, a book on to be a better leader, or a book on how to write money-making advertisements, they were all trying to get you one step closer to bringing more happiness in your life.

So what did I do next?

I took the time to boil all of these books and lessons that I had learned over a 5-year period of time down into a handful of overlapping themes.

In particular, FOUR overlapping themes that hold the secret to long-term happiness and fulfillment.

I realized I had discovered something pretty special so I decided to bundle up my findings and turn it into the book, which I called, Fishing For Happiness.

In a sentence, the book is the ultimate cheat sheet to achieving happiness and fulfillment from top experts over the last 100 years.

I am so confident you will get value (and find more happiness in your life) from the book that I have a 100% money-back guarantee on it.

If you read it and don’t feel that you got your money’s worth, then simply send me an email with a copy of your receipt and I’ll personally send you a check in the full amount.

I look forward to hearing what you think of the book.

Click here to grab your copy now.

Joe Simonds

Joe Simonds

About Me:

I live in Tampa, Florida with my wife and three kids (two girls and boy) where my brother Luke and I co-founded a fishing apparel company that actually teaches people how to catch more fish.

The apparel company is called Salt Strong and our online fishing community is called Fish Strong. You should definitely check them out if you like fishing.

In my spare time, I love to be out on the water fishing, exploring, traveling, and of course, reading a good book.

I also enjoy cold beer and I’ve been addicted to chapstick since I was in high school.