The Must-Read Book On Happiness (Curated From Over 300 Top Books On Success, Happiness, Money, Love, & God)

("300 Books in ONE”)

This is the EXACT book I wish existed when I was going through some of the toughest points in my life such as anxiety attacks, stress, lack of meaning and purpose in life, relationship struggles, alcohol abuse, and questions about faith and God.

Joe Simonds

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What People Are Saying:

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    5-Star Review

    Joe Simonds has curated a huge body of work from a very diverse group of authors and thought leaders on the subject of Happiness.

    He delivers to the reader an easy-to-digest summation of the key themes that he believes form the foundation of the collected wisdom. It is liberally seasoned with quotes to both clarify and strengthen his points. He has stood on the shoulders of giants to deliver his message and pointed the reader toward powerful resources to aid them in their journey.

    What gives this book its real power is Joe’s very courageous personal commitment to it. He has made himself completely vulnerable by exposing his darkest moments and biggest mistakes. He has figuratively stood naked in public. There is no preaching here and no talking down to the reader.

    He shows what he has learned from each experience and demonstrates that the act of choosing to learn is a major part of creating happiness. This is leading by example at its best.

    Five stars!

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    5-Star Review

    Some of you should find this review very interesting in that I am 71 YEARS YOUNG, retired from work for over 15 years and very comfortable in my blessings with good family and friends!

    My my, Joe pulled me off the couch and rattled my old bones with excitement and joy which has been too long missing in my life!!

    I am so excited about the journey before me and can't wait to discover my "ikigai".

    Please give this one a try and I promise you will be glad!

    Thanks a Million Joe for reaching out and sharing so much of your journey with others!

  • 5-Star Review

    I am normally not one for reading but after a close friend gave this book RAVE reviews I had to give it a shot and boy am I glad I did. Fishing for Happiness is a must-have book for anyone that gives a darn about self improvement and yes...happiness.

    Most of us all go through life taking far too much for granted and allowing ourselves to get "comfortable" and this book challenges you to look at life differently and most of all gives practical and actionable guidance with how to live a HAPPIER life - and who wouldn't want to be happier?

    Joe's writing is infectious and combined with his deeply personal stories had me reading the book start to finish in a few days (that's fast for me!).

    I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who wants practical ways to live a happier life...I know I do!

So What’s The Book About?

Watch The Video Below To Find Out.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. How to identify and build your MISSION and PURPOSE in life.
  2. How to create more CONTROL and FREEDOM in your life.
  3. How to attract more LOVE in your life and how to create powerful relationships.
  4. How to achieve the best ATTITUDE for success, happiness, and fulfillment while taking ACTION on things that are important to you (and knowing when to say NO to things that don't really matter to your overall happiness).

About The Author

Joe Simonds is an author, blogger, family man, fisherman, chapstick addict, and overall fun guy to high-five.

He is incredibly passionate about helping people discover more happiness in life and he gets his kicks from seeing people smile.

Joe and his brother Luke own a fast growing saltwater fishing company called Salt Strong, where they teach the world how to catch more fish in less time.

Joe can usually be found reading books, writing, hanging out with his family, or on a boat or paddleboard with a fishing rod in his hand.

He is married to an amazing woman named Loren, and they have three kids (two girls and a boy), and currently live in Tampa, FL.

Fishing For Happiness is Joe's 3rd published book.

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