Will You Regret This When You Die?

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Will you have any regrets when you die?

If you are like most people, there will be some things you wish you had done differently.

In particular, wishing you had spent less time in the office and more time with your loved ones.

Spending more time with family was one of the top regrets that people had on their deathbeds (you can see all 24 top regrets here).

One thing you will never hear anyone regret on their deathbed was not spending enough time in the office… yet, so many of us get caught in the rut of putting out jobs and careers over things that don’t matter as much.

Are you focused too much on things that don’t really matter that much in the big scheme of things?

Watch the video below to find out.

Powerful stuff.

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Will You Regret This When You Die? [EPISODE 28]


Life is too short to lose sight of what’s really important…

It’s also too short and put such an emphasis on our jobs while neglecting our loved ones.

I recall trying to explain to my wife the reason I was working so many crazy hours and flying all over the country was so that I could eventually spend time with my wife and daughter…

I didn’t see the irony until later. I didn’t need more money to spend time with my wife and daughter. I just needed to adjust my goals and priorities.

Be more like the Mexican fisherman who knew exactly what he wanted in life (see the hard-hitting Mexican fisherman story here)

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Definitely, pick up a copy for yourself if you haven’t done so already.

In the meantime, what is holding you back from a happier and more fulfilling life?

Let me know in the comments.

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